Excavation and Gravel Footing
First, the ground is excavated,
leveled, and properly compacted
(up to 95%) into a sound gravel
Compaction and Block Installation
As the footing is compacted the
blocks are carefully laid, tapped
into place, and back-filled one
row at a time. Each block is filled
with gravel and any necessary
drainage pipe is installed.
Geo Grid Fabric Anchoring
At the upper rows a black
geo-grid fabric is incorporated
into the back-fill to anchor the
retaining wall. The fabric shown
here is pulled tight behind the
wall and compacted into the dirt.
At the top we cement
solid cap blocks in place.
Now you have a beautiful
new retaining wall that will
last forever.
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Retaining Walls
H & G Erosion Control builds modular block and timber
retaining walls!
You need to get the same awesome customer service we've
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retaining wall.

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H & G can take out the old falling down mess and install a
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Retaining Walls