H & G Erosion Control
1570 Hillcrest Road
Norcross, GA 30093
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About H & G
Nobody provides faster, more competent
erosion control service than we do.  
Anything you need will be done within 24
Building concrete
client relationships
through superior
H & G Erosion Control has the most flexible scheduling you will
find.  Most importantly, all of our trucks are equipped with
everything you might need so that when you require immediate
erosion control service in the metro Atlanta area one of our
trucks is right down the street.  Just call and explain your
situation; we will rearrange our schedule and get a truck to you.

When an inspector is on your site and threatening to red tag you
or worse shut you down, he's only going to give you 24 hours to
fix the problem.  H & G Erosion Control can be out there in a few
hours with silt fence, straw, gravel or whatever you need.  We'll
get it fixed up and your inspector will leave you alone when he
sees how well you have your site under control. We will even
meet with the inspector if you need us to.

All of our crew leaders speak English so you can tell him exactly
what you want done.  Any other questions or concerns will be
handled by someone from our office, all the way up to the
president if needed.  

Stop wasting time and lose the frustration with these erosion
control companies who take days to come or only show up for
the big stuff.

Call H & G Erosion Control!


Experience and Certifications

30+ years combined experience.
All NPDES Certified
Member Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association
Member International Erosion Control Association

A Story of Success

H & G Erosion Control started in 2001 in a 10' x 10' office with
one work crew run by the president.  Since then we have moved
our way up to a 3,600 square foot warehouse with a 1,500
square foot office and now operate 8 fully equipped work crews.  

How have we accomplished this so quickly?

By providing exceptional service and staying with the job until
completion. When most companies see their high-profit from the
initial installation over they sacrifice your service.  But to you the
maintenance is equally crucial to your progress.  We understand
this and know that by taking care of what is important to you we
will get the call next time you have a project.

We continue to grow and change with the industry while keeping
the same customer-oriented values.  This is why our clients stay
with us and recommend us to others.
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